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We create and offer solutions to the needs of the chemical industry in Mexico by providing certified quality products, services and personalized attention

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35 years making your life easier

Our history spans over three decades of experience in the buying | selling | preparation of specialty chemicals for

different branches of industry.

Conexión Química

We are a company specialized in the commercialization and distribution of chemical products for the industry in which a team of 50 highly trained people work.

Strategically located in the west of the country, we cover the entire Republic.

About Conexión Química

In 1987 our company was founded with the name "Pepe Panza" because the first products developed were focused on cleaning the viscera (bellies) and depilation of cow’s legs.

As a result of our clients’ trust and knowing that we are chemists by profession, both they and new clients began to request new products according to their needs…

We deliver punctually and safely

Chemical products of excellence




tons of Sulfuric Acid 98%  (per year)

tons of  Sodium Hypochlorite 13% (per year)

tons of Hydrogen Peroxide 50% GT (per year)

Products and SERVICES

The quality of our products and services endorse us as strategic suppliers to market leading companies in different industries.

We maintain a standard of excellence in the manufacture, distribution and chemical packaging.

We have an extensive range of products for practically any type of industry: food, industrial, automotive...

 CQs raison d'être is to provide solutions to the daily challenges of our clients.

We stand out from our competitors by offering integral solutions to our clients needs through excellent service and personalized attention.

We have our own laboratory that certifies the quality of our products.

We offer you certified chemical analysis services, preparation of concentrates and packaging.

We have our own laboratory that is in the process of certification (EMA) Providing our in-house analytical service and soon to other companies.

Our expert staff advises our clients in different areas, such as preventive safety and demonstrations, correct handling of hazardous substances, selection and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), among others.

We work closely with an important variety of clients from many different industrial sectors. This experience allows us to understand your needs accurately and offer suitable products and services.

Discover our added values


Creating solutions

Our commitment is to work closely with our clients and integrate into their supply chain, carrying out storage, distribution and production activities with the purpose of guaranteeing quality and on-time delivery at all times.

Years of experience

+ 35 años

Delivery times

24 hours *

* ZMG, orders until 4 p.m.

Executive service account


Specialty Chemists Group

We meet the needs of our customers with our in-depth knowledge of processes and our broad product portfolio.

  • For this we have specialized chemical experts.
  • We certify the quality of the products in our laboratory.
  • We work under continuous quality assurance systems within the specifications of the ISO 9001 (2015), ISO22000-2018 and NSF Certification certifications. Also ISO14000 Certification (In process)
  • These certifications imply quality, guarantee order processes as well as safe installations.

Creating Solutions

  • Our products are certified in our in-house laboratory.
  • The Laboratory also has an area focused on research and development of new products
  • We offer dilutions tailored to your needs.
  • We offer personalized packaging suitable for your marketing processes and your distribution channels.

Immediate availability

We know that in industry it is necessary to have the systems that ensure production in a timely manner, so we have maximum availability through:

  •   3 Warehouses with a total area of 6000 m2.
  • For liquids: 25 tanks with a capacity of 620 tons.
  • For solids; 500 m3 of storage.
  • Transportation: 15 units specialized in handling chemical products.
  • Our commitment to guaranteed delivery in 24 hours*

     * ZMG, orders until 4 p.m.

Customer care

We assign you an account executive to ensure your complete satisfaction:

  • Our highly qualified sales and service executives provide personalized support to each customer.

  • We listen and follow up on your orders and your requirements.
  • We have a CRM system that allows us to be in constant contact with your company and your needs.

Request a quote

Choose your industry

Someone from the CQ team will contact you within a period of no more than 12-24 hours.

Why request a quote?

We have an extensive range of product options to meet all your needs. Request a quotation without obligation so that we can give you the best product and service.

More than 35 years of experience satisfying the standards of our clients.




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